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Pool Conversion Kit 5LTR

Pool Conversion Kit 5LTR


5L Pool Conversion Kit will have you enjoying the benefits of chlorine free bathing for months to come in a medium – large sized pool. 
This kit only contains the new chemicals you’ll be using, and doesn’t include water balancing products that you may have left over from your previous system. 
Minimum lifetime as follows: 
10,000L Swimming pool – 14 months 
20,000L Swimming pool – 7 months 
30,000L Swimming pool – 3.5 months 
To learn about each individual chemical in this kit, please return to the Pool Products Page and click on each one. 


  • 5L Pool Sanitiser 
  • 5L Shimmer Pool Algaecide 
  • 5kg Pool Shine 
  • 500g Pool Chlorine Remover 
  • Test Strips 
  • Small Measuring Cup 
  • Large Measuring Cup 
  • User Guide