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Spa Instant Filter Klenz 2.5LTR

Spa Instant Filter Klenz 2.5LTR


Instant Filter Klenz is specifically designed to be used as part of the regular cleaning routine for all filter cartridges. It efficiently removes debris, oils, body fats and dirt, using a unique No Soak formula to minimise downtime of your spa.

Simply spray on and hose off thoroughly after 15 minutes! It’s that simple!

Instant Filter Klenz should be used weekly, or for every 10 person hours your spa is used. For example if 2 people are in the spa for 5 hours, your filters will need to be cleaned.

Please note: This is a refill bottle and doesn’t come with a spray nozzle.

Active Constituent: Alcohol Propoxylate/Ethoxylate.

Sizes available: 500ml, 2.5L (doesn’t include spray nozzle)