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Swim Spa Starter Kit 2.5LTR

Swim Spa Starter Kit 2.5LTR


Our 2.5L Swim Spa kit is the perfect start up kit for your swim spa and contains everything you need to begin your Chlorine and Bromine free, bathing experience. 
We expect the sanitising products to last 12 months and beyond, based on a 6000L Swim Spa. Other chemicals’ life times vary, depending on customer’s requirements and water quality. 
To learn more about each product you’re receiving please return to our Swim Spa Products page and click on the individual products in this kit. 


  • 2.5L Pool Sanitiser 
  • 1L Miraclear Swim Spa Algaecide 
  • 2kg Pool Shine 
  • 2 x 2kg Alkalinity Enhancer 
  • 3kg pH Down 
  • 4kg Hardness Increaser 
  • 500g Pool Chlorine Remover 
  • 500ml Instant Filter Klenz 
  • 2.5L Instant Filter Klenz 
  • 5L Commercial Grade Pipe Klenz 
  • Spa Pad 
  • Test Strips 
  • Small Measuring Cup 
  • Large Measuring Cup 
  • User Guide